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Year-End Review

As a new year begins, many (most?) professionals will return from vacations, family gatherings, and other time off with a vague sense that some things

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The Keeper of the Spring

A short story with some commentary (shout out to ReStep Marketing for bringing this story to my attention!): In an Austrian village along the eastern

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Show Up

Ever have one (oh who are we kidding…several!) of those days where you just aren’t motivated? Can’t get going? Have the luxury of dragging a

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Time. The great equalizer. Our most precious and valuable resource. While just about everything else can be bought or built, we cannot create more time.

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Isn’t inconvenience all about perception? What may be a real pain for you may be only a minor annoyance, or even a positive opportunity, for

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Tips on Leadership

Here’s a great quote that presents a fun visual: “a fish rots from the head down”. Poor leadership is the source of many, many business

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