What Others Are Saying

“…the “go-to” guy for business planning and strategic thinking.”

Craig Escamilla has facilitated the strategic plan development and plan implementation assessment for several nonprofit boards on which I have served.   I consider Craig the “go-to” guy for business planning and strategic thinking.  With Craig’s help, our board members were able to formally express the organization’s vision and mission, and the organization’s objectives and goals.  Craig led team members to identify threats that might impede the organization’s progress and to establish a plan necessary to mitigate known threats and to achieve sustainable growth and organizational success.  In all instances in which I have been involved in this process with Craig, he has demonstrated exceptional professionalism in developing a consensus between participants, efficiently leading the team through a series of very productive sessions that resulted in plans that will define the cornerstone characteristics of these organizations for many years to come.

-Bradley D. Brown, CPA, CGMA, Beaumont, TX

“...the team member we didn’t know we were missing.”

I must admit, I was reluctant to hire Craig. I couldn’t imagine how an outsider with zero experience in my industry could help our organization. I quickly learned that our organizational challenges and growing pains were not industry specific and that Craig Escamilla was not inexperienced, but, in fact, an expert in his field. He provides critical support and guidance for owners/upper management to achieve goals we’ve always dreamed of but never had the time to pursue. The proof? Since hiring Craig, we have successfully launched 3 new business lines. Some of which we had been mulling over for 10+ years—always falling short because of (perceived) obstacles. 

Craig is the team member we didn’t know we were missing.

-Jayme (Broussard) Toeppich, CEO, Broussard’s

“...unique approach to identifying issues...”

Having had the benefit of working with Craig for over 10 years, I have seen him add value to numerous individuals and organizations. His unique approach to identifying issues, establishing objectives, and executing strategy will resonate with any organization that is committed to continuous improvement.

-Jeff Dyson, Vice President, M&D Supply (ACE Hardware)

“His organizational skills ensure a maximum return...”

I had the opportunity to participate in goal setting and strategic planning sessions that were facilitated by Craig Escamilla.  American Valve & Hydrant was a client of his, but I have also participated in sessions he conducted for the Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club of Beaumont.  His organizational skills ensure a maximum return for the time invested by the participants.

-Tim Sudela, President, American Valve & Hydrant

“...someone you can trust...”

Craig Escamilla is a “leader among leaders” in our organization. His skills in strategic planning are exemplary. We turn to him again and again to assist us. Craig is intuitive and perceptive.  He can anticipate the organization’s needs and skillfully guides the discussion and decision-making to a productive conclusion.

Craig Escamilla is someone you can trust to assist with assessment of the present situation, anticipate the challenges ahead, and guide a plan for future success.

-Jacque Chapman, former Executive Director, Rotary Club of Beaumont (TX)

“...elevated my strategic and critical thinking...”

As an experienced business professional, Mr. Escamilla has positioned our firm in an upward trajectory for future success. And simultaneously, he has elevated my strategic and critical thinking as a leader.

-James Y. Rawlings, Director of Funeral Operations, Broussard’s

“...able to engage a wide range of people...”

In the almost 4 years that I have worked with Craig, I have found that he does his homework, is very insightful, and is able to engage a wide range of people in conversation, which leads to efficient meetings and collaborative outcomes.

-Bill Allen, former President & CEO, Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce

“...serves his clients well.”

Craig Escamilla offers great insight into strategic thinking and planning for organizations.  His dedication to mentoring, coaching, and teaching serves his clients well.

-Becky Mason, Past Rotary District 5910 Governor, Past President-Rotary Club of Beaumont

“...second to none in guiding organizations into the future.”

My work with Craig Escamilla was over five years with the Symphony of Southeast Texas in his role as Executive Director.  He was terrific during his tenure with the orchestra.  He shepherded the organization through a deficit that he inherited into a stable, balanced budget by the time that he departed.  He is second to none in guiding organizations into the future. 

-Chelsea Tipton, II, Music Director, The Symphony of Southeast Texas

“…a ‘life-saver’…”

Craig Escamilla has been a ‘life-saver’ for the new girl in town. He has helped with updating our strategic plan. Craig is working with us on Board education including a review of key documents like conflict of interest, Board expectations, and a Code of Ethics. He has also been great in helping me understand the entire area, the culture and history of some of the challenges I have faced since my arrival. He is a great consultant, a great colleague, and now a great friend!

-Barbara Newhouse, former President and CEO, Southeast Texas Food Bank

“…provided the guidance our firm needed…”

Craig provided the guidance our firm needed to help us develop a short-term reorganization as well as a long-term, comprehensive strategic plan. He was well worth our initial investment and we will continue to use him as a valuable resource in the future.

-J. David Cook, Owner, Cook Parker and Associates, LLC