(for your company, department, or team)

  • Comprehensive industry and company analysis
  • Strategic plan development and implementation support
  • Succession and company transition planning
  • Customer acquisition and retention strategies
  • Talent management systems development and implementation
  • Interpersonal communications improvement
  • Team conflict management support
  • Nonprofit Board Retreats


(for you and/or your team)

  • Proactive Mindset
  • Personal productivity and organization
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Team conflict management
  • Effective business meetings
  • Leadership strategies


(for your company, Board, department, or team)

  • Proactive Mindset
  • Decision making
  • Interpersonal communication and business meetings
  • Personal productivity
  • Ethics and Trust
  • Nonprofit Board Retreats

Value-Added Outcomes

Our Inputs Your Outcomes
Situational Analysis
Identify blind spots that could hurt your company
Strategic Planning
Know where your comany is going, why, and how
Personal productivity and organization coaching
Clarity and focus about what to work on
Succession Planning
Leave a sustainable legacy of success for your company
Talent Management systems development
Attract and keep the best team, and ensure they are on the same page
Interpersonal communication and team conflict management
Help your team tell your story consistently and work productively through disagreements

What to Expect When Working with CAE

Craig Escamilla and CAE Solutions works with clients to learn the key objectives, the business model, the pain points, and opportunities to overcome challenges and capitalize on strengths. We customize strategies for you and your specific needs, support your implementation, and put you in a position to succeed every step of the way.

Maybe your journey is simple:

  • your sales and production are all set, but maybe you need to clarify your future vision and goals
  • you have plenty of revenue, but need to gain more profit with efficiency improvements
  • perhaps your repeat business simply needs more frequency

Maybe it’s more complex:

  • perhaps you’ve hit a plateau in knowledgebase, or time, or worse—energy
  • maybe your team members need training to give your plan the support it demands
  • maybe your operational procedures aren’t congruent with your goals
  • moving into a new market or trying to increase your footprint, and trying gain new competitive advantages

At CAE Solutions, we meet you where you are.

Our process starts with aligning our understanding and capabilities with your needs.

We start every project with a comprehensive situational analysis of your unique vision, goals, and targets. We help you develop a custom plan and support your implementation with clear action, articulate communication, and defined milestones. 

“We believe in exceptional quality…and we believe in
proactive planning and strategic thinking.”

Craig A. Escamilla