You Never Know Who You’re Talking To 

I’ve been thinking about this phrase a lot lately…” You never know who you’re talking to”. 

When I was younger, I knew a man who had a modest job, dressed professionally but with nothing special, and drove a car that was at least a decade old and appeared to be in great disrepair. Someone later asked me if I knew that man’s personal net worth was nine figures. 

I once saw an event attendee tell someone to fix a minor issue because it didn’t visually look good – without realizing the person they were telling was managing the whole event and dealing with a significant unexpected issue. 

I once saw an event sponsor kindly ask a quick side favor of an employee at the event. The employee made a snarky joke, intending to be funny, that the person would have to earn the favor. The sponsor politely said thank you, I supported the event, and walked away. 

I once saw a person in attendance at a dinner in unassuming attire standing by themselves. I pointed out to a friend that that unassumingly dressed person was worth over one billion dollars. 

Looks deceive. 

You never know who you’re talking to. 

Be kind, be humble, be sincere, be genuine, be interested, seek to learn, and always leave the other person better than you found them. 

You never know who they are, and you never know how your kindness may come back to you. 


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