What Are You Going to Do? 

We spend a lot of time (a LOT) complaining about all the things that are wrong in the world and with other people. 24/7 news, social media, and post-COVID reuniting with friends exacerbate this problem every day. 

But instead of getting caught in the thoughts-emotions loop of everything that’s wrong, break the loop with this question: what am I going to do about this? 

Most of life’s outcomes are not within our control. When we worry about possible outcomes, we trade now for a possible future. Instead, use now to do your best to design and prepare for the future you want. 

We only have our reasoned choices and our responses. Act, get feedback, adjust the course, and double down on what works. Throughout history, that’s proven to be just about the only sustainable key to success. 

So, what’s bugging you today? What are you worrying about? There’s a high probability that the amount you’re worrying about it is in direct proportion to the amount getting done on it. Quit worrying, identify what you can act on, and get to work. 


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