Understanding Your Commitments 

Do you know everything you’re committed to right now? 

Is your calendar complete, current, and up to date on all the time-based commitments you’ve made for the foreseeable future?  

Is your task list complete and current, updated with all the action items you need to take broken down to the literal next action level to reduce any resistance when you sit down to work? 

Is your list of errands, things you need from the store, and other “out and about” stuff current, or are you likely to forget that you need apples even though it was so obvious last night when you ate the last one? 

Is your list of things you’re waiting on from others current and complete with a note of the date you requested the item so you know when an appropriate time to check in is? 

Do you have any documented list of all the 30,000-foot level outcomes you’ve committed to completing over the next 6-12 months? Does each of those correspond to an action or waiting-on item that keeps progress moving forward to increase your chances of actually achieving those outcomes? 

Do you have some notes anywhere on those resolutions you set a few weeks ago and those big goals you had to get your life more on track to where you want and need it to be by the end of the year? 

If you have all those things clear, current, and complete, are you saying “no” enough to great opportunities that are still just distractions from your existing commitments? 

If you don’t have the complete inventory, you have to say “yes” to every new opportunity … if you have any integrity. 

Because if you don’t have the inventory, you can’t, with confidence, tell someone “no” and move on. If you have the inventory, you can say “no” with confidence because you know you can show them the lists. They may not like your “no”, but they likely will respect it (and maybe be a little jealous). 

I’ve always loved the old Cheshire Cat quote: if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will do. 

How thorough is your understanding of your commitments? 


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