Wanting More 

Consumerism dominates society today, and the “always, everywhere” marketing efforts tug at us to get more, get it faster, and get more of it than everyone else. The same challenges plague business leaders, personally and professionally. We want our organizations to get more market share, get bigger, make more money, and get there faster than the competition. We want our personal lives to reflect that growth and success. 

Successful business leaders are what I like to call “continuous improvement machines”. You don’t become successful if you don’t continuously identify opportunities to improve something and act on that urge. So, the combination of a desire for continuous growth and marketing to get more, better, and faster, can be very dangerous. 

What’s the solution? Three suggestions: love what you have, focus your desired outcomes and actions, and re-direct energy to selfless causes. 

Love What You Have 

I know this advice is overused and trite, but it’s absolutely true! Cheesy though it sounds, all the successes you’ve had and all the things you’ve earned are still sitting there waiting to be used and celebrated. If they’ve lost their initial luster, reconnect with the original inspiration for them. If you just haven’t seen them in a while, make a special effort to look. 

Focus Your Outcomes and Actions 

We talk about this a lot on this blog…everything ultimately comes down to outcomes and actions. Defining what you want to be true and what to do next to get you there are the foundational keys to success. When you find yourself desiring more, shift your energy to focusing or refining your desired outcome and the next action to get you there. This approach is for the people that, after trying to love what they have, still want more. To get there, figure out what the true, clear definition of success is and take the next physical, visible step toward that outcome. 

Re-Direct Energy 

The best antidote to wanting more is often serving someone else. If you find yourself wanting to achieve more or get more, a different approach to try is to find a cause, organization, person, or group to serve. Channel some of that anxious energy into service for others. Try to make them better or help them achieve or get more. I am a firm believer that all boats rise with the tide, so contributing to others’ success is often a great key to achieving more success yourself. 

Notice that none of these tips suggest not wanting or trying to get more. The worst advice would be to tell you to numb out the inspiration that makes successful people strive for ongoing improvement. Instead, channel that energy into the things you have, the focused path to achieve more, or helping others. Quickly, you’ll find yourself happier and more fulfilled than ever before. 


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