Slow Burn 

The results of the work of a business owner are rarely evident tomorrow. Often, they are not seen for months, and occasionally even for years. Keep going anyway. 

The slow burn of good work done proactively today is what all organizations should seek. Short-term sacrifices are never easy, but the long-term results are incontrovertible and usually exceed goals and expectations. It’s difficult for all of us to consistently do the hard, correct thing repeatedly without seeing any immediate results or feedback. The payoff is usually exponential and more than worth the sacrifice. 

Many other posts have offered suggestions and encouragement for how to make those repeated short-term sacrifices. This one seeks only to encourage the reader who is struggling to do so, yet again, today. 

The battle never ends. Humans are wired to seek safety and satisfaction now because our ancestors could never predict when and from where their next meal would come. We can’t simply override millennia of behavioral wiring. Instead, we can surround ourselves with family, friends, colleagues, and advisors who encourage us when sacrifices are tough and celebrate with us when we reap the rewards. 

Don’t stop doing the right thing today just because it’s hard. And if you have stopped recently, use today to re-boot your efforts. Stay focused on the long-term goal and it will be here before you know it. 

Short-term satisfaction will never lead to something timeless. -Jack Dorsey 


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