What to Expect When You Work With Us

1. Clarity First

CAE Solutions will walk through a customized outline with you to identify strengths, challenges, and opportunities for clear, objective goals.

Key examples of this include:

Strategic Challenges:

  • My business is stuck; hit a wall or plateau
  • *Don’t have the plan for the goal; too many goals
  • Don’t have the time, energy, or knowledge or all of the above

External Challenges:

  • Need to reach the “next level,” but my structure can’t support it
  • *My team members are not trained for where we need to go
  • *No one can run the business when I’m not in the office
  • *Need a qualified leader when I’m ready to retire

Internal Challenges:

  • *I have a plan, but I don’t have the time to work the plan
  • I don’t have time to craft a plan because there’s too much work
  • Need someone to guide me by the hand on some steps
  • *Need someone to validate my instincts and decisions
  • And other internal and philosophical considerations

*Most common examples. Don’t fret! You’re not alone.

2. Targeted Tour Guide

CAE Solutions applies a customized process to narrow down important whats, whys, and hows that include:

  • As a manager, I feel frustrated by a team that’s too small, unqualified, or divided 
  • Am I disorganized, or do I not have enough time? 
  • Things won’t get done right if I don’t do it all myself
  • It’s lonely at the top! Who can I talk to? 
  • How realistic are my goals and expectations? 
  • What successes, data, and past experiences set me up to succeed?  

3. A Plan That Works

Expect us help you design and implement a customized plan. 


  1. Jointly assess your needs and ensure we are a good fit FOR YOU 
  2. Send you a customized proposal, summarizing your needs and our process used to address your goals with options 
  3. Start every project with a comprehensive situational analysis and understanding of your mission, vision, and goals
  4. Develop and support YOUR implementation of a customized plan to make your vision a reality 

Common Concerns

  1. “You don’t know my industry”-that’s right, but needing help to step back and work ON growing your business is not an industry-specific problem 
  2. We customize the plan for you based on YOUR needs, situation, opportunities, and challenges. No templates! 
  3. We own a business, too! It’s your name on the line, and it’s ours on the line in our work, too…we have skin in YOUR game because our reputation depends on your success 
  4. We’re always available for your calls, texts, emails, and meetings, to make sure you have someone there to listen and help

4. Action

A plan is only as good as its execution! Our plan puts you in position to implement, measure, and expand on successes. And we’re there to support you the whole way…like a personal trainer for your business


After working with us you’ll have a clear plan to achieve your vision, feel calm and in control, spend your time doing proactive work and making progress toward your business goals.


What’s the alternative? Well, as the old adage goes: if you’re not moving forward you’re moving backwards…

If you don’t work with us, you risk continuing to spin your wheels in reactive mode, remaining where you are in your business, being forever lonely at the top, never fully developing a plan for success, never escaping the busy trap, and losing good team members to proactive competitors.


From reactive work on the latest and loudest issues for 50+ hours per week with no meaningful progress on unclear goals to proactive work on a documented plan making progress on achieving your vision and goals for business and personal success.