How Are They Doing So Well?

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Many businesses have had a rough year since the pandemic began. Many others are not only surviving but thriving. What are the traits of that second group?

  • They know and stay true to who they are and what they do better than anyone else (Mission, Values, Flywheel[1])
  • They have a concrete definition and picture of success (Vision)
  • They stop to look at what’s actually happening in the world, their industry, and their business (data, external and internal analysis)
  • They have goals and a plan and stay focused on them (Plan), but…
  • They also have the flexibility and attentiveness to know when to abandon what parts of that plan based on new information (Adaptability)
  • They have strong teams with high trust and clear alignment around common goals who take initiative and see new ideas through (Teamwork, Alignment)
  • They prioritize quality above all else in their adaptations (Quality, Focus)
  • They proactively communicate, internally and externally (Communication)
  • They seek, listen to, and act on feedback (Performance Measures)


These are just a few of the characteristics I’ve observed at the businesses who are thriving despite COVID.

The funny thing is, these are true and valuable in calm and stable times, too.

While they may not look like COVID, there will still be crises to navigate in the future. Which characteristics need your attention to prepare?


[1] Jim Collins, “The Flywheel Effect


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Craig A. Escamilla
Craig A. Escamilla
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