Strategic Procrastination

Carefully, intentionally, in an outcome-oriented way doing…nothing?! Yes, that’s right…the planning and productivity consultant is suggesting that there may be value in choosing not to

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Time. The great equalizer. Our most precious and valuable resource. While just about everything else can be bought or built, we cannot create more time.

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Take the Pulse

One of the leader’s (or owner’s) biggest challenges is to make good decisions, with confidence, and stick to them through tough times in implementation. What

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Pleasure vs. Pain

For years I had a colleague and friend speak to my introductory management classes about entrepreneurship. He would say, “people will pay you a little

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Prepare for the BEST Case

We all know the importance and value of planning for worst case scenarios. Backup and redundancy plans are critical for business success in difficult and

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Planning or Doing?

I recently saw this quote from one of my favorite authors, bloggers, and thought leaders, James Clear: “Before you begin, think as if you are

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