Act, Don’t Worry 

What are you worried about right now? Everyone likely has some worry on their minds now. Big or small, they drain our mental resources and energy. 

What’s the usual advice? “Don’t worry, it’ll all work out.” 

What a useless platitude that does nothing to calm an anxious mind! 

A better solution?  

What is within your control to act on, and what action can and should you take on that? 

What is worry NOT? Action! What is action? Doing something instead of worrying! 

This is oversimplified, but it works for me every time. 

Whatever you said you were worried about, what can you act on and how should you do that? 

Only action advances action, which eventually leads to results. 

Instead of “Don’t worry, it’ll all work out,” how about, “Don’t worry, get to work on what’s within your control and the results will take care of themselves.” 


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Craig A. Escamilla
Craig A. Escamilla
Craig Escamilla helps you find solutions before problems exist. With fifteen years of consulting, teaching, and senior management experience, Craig brings a wealth of practical expertise to helping others work on rather than in their businesses.

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