Business Consulting

Work ON your business rather than solely IN your business with the Proactive Business Planning, Customized Strategies, and Consultative Support of CAE Solutions.

Professional Business Consulting

Work ON your business rather than solely IN your business with the Proactive Business Planning, Customized Strategies, and Consultative Support of CAE Solutions.

Consulting and Business Strategy

CAE Solutions believes in proactive and strategic thinking.

We help businesses (and business owners) succeed by identifying blind spots, eliminating obstacles, and creating solutions for scaling efficiently. With our proven tailored-to-you strategies, CAE helps to define, develop, and implement business plans for long-term growth.


Ideal for Business Leaders, Owners, and Execs
  • SWOT Analysis and strategic direction
  • Plan develop and support implementation
  • Customer acquisition and retention
  • Success planning

Productivity &
Workflow Profitability

Ideal for Operations, CFOs, Directors, and Leaders
  • Talent conflict management support
  • Talent Management Systems development
  • Personal organization and productivity


Ideal for Small Business Owners, Family Companies
  • Transitional Exit Strategy
  • Role Replacement and Coaching
  • Identify Next Generation Leaders
  • Ascertain Skill Development Needs

Workshops &

Ideal for Conference and Event Planners


Ideal for VPs, Department Heads, HR Managers

Pro. Active.

We believe that by proactively planning, rather than reactively responding, business leaders can work ON their businesses, rather than only IN them, to create the successful futures of which they dream.

If you’re a successful business owner or leader for a number of years, your intuition is your go-to weapon and you are most likely spot on 90% of the time. But there may be two or three items that you haven’t experienced, considered, or even seen that are crucial to your success. That’s where CAE can help.

We provide value-added outcomes for your team and your business:

  • Identify blind spots
  • Know where your company is going
  • Focus your/your team’s work
  • Leave a sustainable legacy of success
  • Attract and keep the best team
“…the ‘go-to-guy’
for business planning and stategic thinking…”

Bradley D. Brown, CPA, CGMA
Beaumont, TX

Serving Leaders at Every Level

CAE has extensive experience in successfully consulting for a variety of industries, nonprofits, and organizations.

Having worked with businesses of all sizes—from large corporations to regional companies and small family businesses—CAE brings a powerful set of proven tools, reliable principles, and a unique perspective for your advantage.

  • Small to Mid-Size Business
  • Business Owners, CEOs
  • VPs, Executives, Directors
  • Operations Directors, HR Managers
  • Finance Officers, Production Managers
  • Nonprofit Executives
  • Nonprofit Boards
  • Junior Executives
  • Conference Directors
  • Business Event Planners

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Get the latest from Craig A. Escamilla with insights, commentary, industry news, and more.

Craig A. Escamilla: Commitment for Your Success

Craig Escamilla helps you find solutions to recurring business problems. With fifteen years’ consulting, teaching, and senior management experience, Craig brings a wealth of practical expertise to helping others work on rather than in their businesses.

As an advisor, coach, and speaker, Craig helps businesses with strategic planning, succession planning, talent management systems, communication and conflict resolution, and customer acquisition and retention. His assistance has led clients in the oil and gas, higher education, health care, IT, HR, community service, family enterprise, and nonprofit industries to increased revenue, client bases, and charitable contributions, more sophisticated organizational structures, clarity of strategic vision, improved interpersonal relations, and increased productivity and efficiency.

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