Creating Solutions

We create and implement strategic and succession plans to help businesses proactively identify solutions to recurring problems.

Creating Solutions

We create and implement plans to help businesses identify solutions before problems exist.

Consulting and Business Strategy

CAE Solutions, LLC believes in proactive and strategic thinking.

We help businesses and business leaders find the problems they may not know they have and develop and implement plans to help them solve and eliminate those problems for good.

Pro. Active.

Through proactive planning, rather than reactive responding, we help business leaders step back to work ON their businesses, rather than only IN them.

Our planning process provides value-added outcomes for your team and your business:

  • Identify blind spots
  • Know your company’s strategic direction
  • Focus your / your team’s work
  • Leave a sustainable legacy of success
  • Attract and keep the best team
  • Tell your story consistently
  • Resolve internal disagreements productively
  • Attract and retain your best customers
“…the ‘go-to-guy’
for business planning and stategic thinking…”

Bradley D. Brown, CPA, CGMA
Beaumont, TX


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Craig A. Escamilla: Commitment for Your Success

Craig Escamilla helps you find solutions to recurring business problems. With fifteen years’ consulting, teaching, and senior management experience, Craig brings a wealth of practical expertise to helping others work on rather than in their businesses.

As an advisor, coach, and speaker, Craig helps businesses with strategic planning, succession planning, talent management systems, communication and conflict resolution, and customer acquisition and retention. His assistance has led clients in the oil and gas, higher education, health care, IT, HR, community service, family enterprise, and nonprofit industries to increased revenue, client bases, and charitable contributions, more sophisticated organizational structures, clarity of strategic vision, improved interpersonal relations, and increased productivity and efficiency.

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